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Draft Angle Analysis

Draft Angle Analysis

Update Time:2019/4/3
The DraftAngleAnalysis command visually evaluates surface draft-angle using false-color analysis.

Draft angle is used to design injection-molded parts that must eject from molds.


1. Select objects.
2. In the Draft Angle dialog box, set the angle for the color display.
The draft angle depends on the construction plane orientation. When the surface is vertical/perpendicular to the construction plane, the draft angle is zero. When the surface is parallel to the construction plane, the draft angle is 90 degrees.

3. Adjust the density of the mesh if the level of detail is not fine enough.

If you set the minimum and maximum angle to the same value, all portions of the surface that exceed the angle will be red.

The pull direction for DraftAngleAnalysis is the z-axis of the construction plane that is in the active viewport when the command starts.
The normal direction of the surface is the same as the pull direction of the mold. You can check this with the Dir command.
Changing the construction plane before using DraftAngleAnalysis lets you define any direction as the pull direction.