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why choose longxiang

Why choose Longxiang as your Partner?

Longxiang is sincere
Longxiang's first customer is still working with Longxiang.
Longxiang has a good reputation in our customers.
Longxiang is professional
p to now, Longxiang has exported about 3000 sets of moulds to  38 countries. The moulds we made include automotive parts (dashboards, inner decorating accessories, etc.), electrical appliances (washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, television, etc.), IT industry products (cell phones, computer, etc.), householder products (micro-wave oven, juicer, etc.), office accessories (telephone , printer, etc.) as well as other various of products.
Longxiang is Strict
Longxiang has a strict system to implement on each mold, which keep the molds in high quality.
We also got ISO Certificate.
Longxiang is open and ambitious
The biggest mold Longxiang made is 50 Ton.
The biggest plastic part Longxiang made is 25Kgs.
Longxiang has enough confidence to develop new project with you.