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Longxiang Group Limited was established in Guangzhou city in 2004. After over 15 years of hard work, Longxiang has grown to be one of the highest reputable mould maker and plastics producer in China with 120 employees 5000 sq.meter working shop.

Especially as Developer of reusable air freight containers designed to help people to pack pharmaceuticals, perishables and other heat-sensitive products while transportation. The company's containers are insulated, durable, collapsible and reusable that protect and keep products at required temperature for a minimum of 120 hours, enabling users to have controlled temperatures within lower or higher ranges during transit and reduce the quantity of products that are ruined or damaged.
Product Feature:
1. Unique design: 123coolbox uses a self-aligning feature that's built into the panels. A unique, one-handed operation "locking lever" secures each panel layer to each other, whilst a simple lever operation and latch mechanism, fixed and flush to the panels, secures the whole assembly as a one piece unit. The unit flat-packs into itself as the side panels fit inside the one piece mid-panel between the base and lid.

2. Customization: For larger orders, the 123coolbox can be customized with the customers colour choice, and they can easily include corporate identities, logos and branding

3. Insulating materials: The 123coolbox is an insulated, collapsible container that protects products and keeps them within a temperature range of +2℃ to +8℃ and +15℃ to 25℃ without additional refrigerant for up to 120 hours. 

4. Easy to use: 123coolbox is easy to build and designed to optimise sapce. They can be flat-packed and made available as required, with no specialist airfreight requirements. With a modular design and few interchangeable parts. 123coolbox includes an integral pallet base which makes it easier to move by pallet jack and forklift.

5. Better than throwaway packaging: Throwaway packaging are bulky and easily damaged, and dry ice and gel packs add weight to shipments and increase airfreight cost. 123coolbox's solution reduces wastage and ensures an environmentally-friendly approach to packaging and distribution. Delays in transit usually require new dry ice and gel packs, whilst polystyrene attracts a disposal tax in Europe; 123coolbox sidesteps these problems by avoiding environmentally-damaging materials.
Easy To Build
123 coolbox's specially-designed panels easily lock together using simple levers. 123coolbox can be flat-packed for a cost effective return journey and re-used for continued airfreight. 

Step 1:  Lay base panel on the floor and position the four A-B side panels into the grooves, aligning the small levers. Secure the panels by rotating the levers through 90 degrees

Step 2 : Slot the 1-piece C-D middle panel onto the assembled panels and secure the four lower small levers by rotating through 90 degrees

Step 3: Repeat step#1 using four E-F side panels to assemble the top layer

Step 4: Position the lid panel and rotate the four small levers through 90 degrees until the lid is secured.

Step 5: To flat-pack, remove all panels and slot the middle section on to the base. Fit the short side panel (A-B or C-D) into the longer U-shaped panel, place inside the unit and replace lid. 
123coolbox large

External size: L 1104 x W 1020 x H 1551mm

Internal size: L 1024 x W 940 x H 1360mm

Interior Volume: 1.309m3

Weight: 73kgs

123coolbox medium
External size: L 1104 x W 1020 x H 1043mm

Internal size: L 1024 x W 940 x H 852mm

Interior Volume: 0.820m3

Weight: 54kgs
123coolbox small
External size: L 1104 x W 1020 x H 535mm

Internal size: L 1024 x W 940 x H 344mm

Interior Volume: 0.331m3

Weight: 35kgs